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Marketing Travel Through DNA Storytelling

This video has touched hundreds of thousands of people across the world. It draws out our emotions because the content touches us on very personal levels. It's about our DNA, who we are, who we think we are and who we are not.

67 adults were invited to take part in a ground-breaking DNA experiment. Imagine growing up Jewish and hating Germans and then finding out you're 1/4 German. How would this affect you?

This is only the first step of an incredible journey which is actually a well designed marketing campaign. Most would never know this was a travel site's marketing campaign designed to entice people to travel...

The campaign was developed for a travel company called Momondo who has taken the mundane experience of booking a flight and made it very personal. They are enticing people to travel and explore by tapping into their emotions.

Momondo, a travel search site based in Denmark is now inviting students to come visit their headquarters in Denmark to challenge themselves to develop innovative ways to reach potential travelers. Bravo Momondo, Bravo!

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