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360° Marketing CAMPAIGN

Bali Tropix Campaign

TAGLINE: "It's what's inside"


NEEDS ANALYSIS: Bali Tropix, the body care brand wanted to reach a younger audience. The goal was to increase product awareness, distribution and sales over a 12 month period. 


MARKETING: This was a full 360° Marketing campaign inclusive of brand identity, website development, video production, outdoor billboards, print, online advertising, influencer program and live components. We also developed unique interactive content allowing the cast to speak directly to fans while watching the REALiTV episodes.


CAMPAIGN: We launched a teaser campaign that led to an online registration and eventually a casting call with celebrity judges. The launch included several interactive elements leading up to an elimination round where 10 contestants were picked to live at Fashion TV Hotel. Eventually, the finalists competed on stage in fashion shows, music video, and at the final pageant. Advertisers were scripted into the series. Mobile voting widgets and interactive video content were developed for the brand as well.



✓ Product Research & Development

✓ Branding & Packaging

✓ Product Launch

✓ Directing, Filming & Video Production

✓ Web Series Launched

✓ Social Media Capaign

✓ Interactive Components

✓ Merchandising

✓ Interactive Web Development

✓ Interactive Social Media Packaging

✓ Product Display

✓ Product Placement

✓ In Store Promotions

✓ Contestant Registration

✓ Event Organization

✓ Contests | Challenges

✓ Sponsorship Integration

✓ Pageant

✓ Black Tie Event

✓ Charity Partnership

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