​​Before It's News, September, 2013

R.I.G. technology, (Reality Interactive Gaming) was unveiled last week as the partner app to the new action hero franchise, Dark Prophet. The technology allows gamers and fans to engage on all interactive platforms and in the real world. R.I.G. promises to bring the fan back into the real world through engaging content and clues placed outside the digital world. 


R.I.G. developer, Jody Sigmund says, “Certain features won’t be revealed until we go live. Products, DJs and music tracks will be scripted into all media platforms and are being offered on a limited basis. We want products that fit the storyline.”

IN the news


Heroes Blog, September, 2013

What if fans or gamers could play in the real world and not just in a game? What if smart phone technology allowed users to form groups to converge at a specific location? Could technology like this put the future back in the hands of the consumers? Imagine what companies would pay? Advertisers, music artists, entertainment, the list is endless. What if I told you the technology exists today and It’s called R.I.G. Technology?



​​Ad Force One 2013

Today’s Growth Hackers are like marketing scientists twisting and tweaking campaigns with every measurable media until it has optimum results. Sigmund says; “If we pushed a live celebrity chat that was tied to a product purchase and it received great interaction but failed to produce sales, we would tweak it until it worked. Sometimes that meant trying a different social media or app. Other times we pushed it during different day parts or with different incentives.”

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