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She's called an influencer. The customer who just left your store has over 5m followers. She and her friends can make or break a brand. Does your team understand how to reach, touch, interact with her? Find out what we do.



Why Marketing Pro 2.0? Good question. Actually, it doesn't have to be us. In fact, We have worked with and met many growth hackers, marketing agents, social media specialists, copywriters and even owners who "get it" and who understand what it takes. The main difference is we offer fully integrated campaigns. Everything from brand identity and web, app design/launch campaigns to copywriting, social media and video production.


With Marketing Pro 2.0 you will be heard. But listening is only the first step. The listening is combined with informed research and a well-executed campaign strategy. This is where we like to shine.


After we've spent some time listening and researching, we'll come back with an actionable multimedia campaign based on your needs, budget and timeline. Sometimes the most difficult thing is to evaluate or step back and have an unbiased look at our own brand. This can help.



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