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Client Profile:


Bali Tropix needed something big to launch their new skin care line. 

NEEDS ANALYSIS: Bali Tropix, the body care brand wanted to reach a younger audience. The goal was to increase product awareness, distribution and sales over a 12 month period. 

The campaign was developed from ground up. We first had to develop a quality body care product. Then the real work began. How were we going to launch a new skin care line and stand out against all the other brands. We needed to find brand ambassadors with their own fans. We would need to keep their attention. We produced a challenge but not just of outer beauty. The contestants would have to live together, train daily and in the end, one would be crowned Miss Bali Tropix.

Client Profile:


Hired by trans-media company Dark Prophet to develop an original interactive marketing platform, we designed tech called R.I.G. technology (Reality Interactive Gaming).

NEEDS ANALYSIS: The company needed investors to fund production of their new television series, comic book and trans-media project. 


Our team laid out a full scale campaign to attract investors and advertisers. After speaking with the director, we went to work researching the industry, laying out the social media and we produced their franchise deck to position this trans-media IP and its unique USP. We were also brought on board to help conceptualize the interactive components of the game app. This is where R.I.G. Tech was invented.

Client Profile:


We were asked to create specialty events to help promote a new division for the Affliction brand. We partnered with top fight organizations, print magazines and other media resources to brand this throughout the Southern California area.

NEEDS ANALYSIS: The apparel brand needed to increase brand awareness of new stores, apparel and eventually an entire new mixed martial arts fight organization. 


The campaign was positioned the as a ring girl contest . Model would win a chance to be ring girl at the Honda Center during the firs ever Affliction Banned fight.

Wrapped buses took the ladies throughout LA and Las Vegas entering clubs, casinos and pools to virally spread the word. Final event was at Honda Center.

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