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Instead of offering a cookie-cutter approach to web development, our team likes to take special care in designing custom sites for our client projects. Not to say we can't whip up a batch of WordPress or Shopify and spit out something extra special but we prefer to get creative. Ask our clients and you'll find, we take great pride and care in each project. We promise not to speak in techie jargon and to walk you through the entire process.


LAYOUT/UI - We arrange graphics, content and modules to complement the brand and to maintain a Feng shui user experience.

COLOR - Your website should reflect the overall tone of the brand and this includes the colors used. Marketing Pro will help create a look to compliment the brand.

GRAPHICS/VIDEO - Heavy graphics or video contents will slow the load time and decrease functionality. We analyze and convert your graphic content to streamline the look and user experience.

FONT TYPE - Your brand identity should be reflective throughout a campaign and this includes choosing fonts that compliment the brand.

CONTENT - Content should be informative, engaging, and optimized for SEO, incorporating relevant keywords without becoming copy heavy.

SHOPPING CART - If you plan to sell a product or service online, you will need to have a secure site. 

CMS - Content Management Systems are the most effective way of developing websites and in eliciting higher Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ranking. Entrusting us with your web design and back-end development means you save valuable time and unnecessary costs


COPY - Your website copy is an integral part of your brand identity and should be written in a way that compliments the brand. Once we understand the brand and target audience, our copywriters will go to work developing content that helps tell the brand's story. 

MULTIMEDIA - We believe "Content is king," and so, we come prepared with a full artillery of immersive video and interactive components. Our team can assist in producing and integrating the content on any digital platform.

IMMERSIVE VIDEO - This tech is just now being tested and used in marketing but Marketing  Pro has been using this tech for years. Imagine having hot links embedded directly into your video content or allowing customers to interact with 

INTERACTIVE CONTENT - When we say "Interactive" we mean just that. We have developed programming that allows end users to speak to characters within a series while they are on screen and even buy products directly from the screen.

ANIMATION - When it comes to engaging the audience, we like to produce content that involves the consumer in truly unique ways. By incorporating our animation department with new technology, we can incorporate games, point and click tech and even "add to the content" options.




BACK END - Functionality is a big part of what we do. Programming for the user experience is a top priority. With developers on 3 continents, we come prepared for any and all of our client's needs. It is also important to design the backend admin so that it is user-friendly for future updates.

FRONT END - The front end design is what your customer sees and is how your brand will be displayed to the world. It's our job to understand exactly what you want the brand to say and to deliver a look that is in line with the overall tone of the brand.

TEMPLATE - We have thousands of templates to help you stand out and make sure your website is also functional.

CUSTOM- If you need more control from your site and for a more advanced feature-rich design, we offer fully customized interface design.

SECURE - When it comes to e-commerce, it's imperative to have a site that search engines and users can trust. We employ software so you won't ever have to worry.

SHOPPING CART - There are hidden fees and programming you should be aware of and certain criteria you will need, to ensure safety for your shopper. We take time to explain what you will need.





SERVER - We offer a safe and secure hosting service so you don't have to worry about a thing. 

EMAIL - Your website will come with unlimited custom emails for you and your team.

SPACE - We all need a little space. With Marketing Pro you can expect a lot.

MAINTENANCE - Yup, we do that. We will be there when you need us.

DOMAIN NAME- Your domain name is as important as your brand name and we take the process of finding and securing that name seriously.

PROGRAMMING - Marketing Pro works with top developers, programmers, lead developers to ensure top app and website design and performance.


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