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We always try to remind ourselves...

"Consumers are better brand managers than most brands. If you're not finding

ways to integrate with influencers and interact, you can forget conversion."

Our Mission

"Be honest, accessible, and informative throughout. Start at the floorboards and work your way up."

Jody Sigmund Marketing Consultant | US & Asia

Our Team

Over the years we've developed and maintained successful relations with reliable resources. These relationships get passed on to you. You will have access to our business management team, lead researcher, your own project manager, copywriter, content creators, social media crew, web and app developers, animators, graphic designers, and professional film and editing crews.

The Back Story

After moving to Asia, Jody was working on an app called Morphius Project. This lead to a franchise hiring him to develop an interactive component (R.I.G. Tech) for a television series titled Dark Prophet. A few months later Jody was hired to help brand a restaurant and nightclub on the island of Bali. Infamous for great food, fun, sun, and, beautiful people, the client agreed to Mr. Sigmund's idea to produce a live pageant and competition. The pageant would utilize the restaurant for live events and the Miss Bali Tropix finals. In the process, Jody developed a skincare line, Bali Tropix as a sponsor and for giveaways at the Miss Bali Tropix competition. The restaurant held annual events, the product was sold and each year the show was filmed for an online series about the competition. Contestants were trained as influencers which quickly branded the product. The tagline was “It’s what’s inside,” and the product is still being sold today.

This all led to the launch of Marketing Pro 2.0 where we started producing immersive video content and other digital media. Recently, our team was asked by one of the largest hotel chains in Indonesia to design a turn-key marketing and influencer programs




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