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dark prophet FRANCHISE

TAGLINE: "Hear The Warning"


GENRE/TONE: A present day sci-fi action thriller set in Los Angeles, China, Europe, Russia and Brazil. Think “THE MATRIX meets 24” and of the current Top Secret Intelligence Leaks.


LOGLINE: DARK PROPHET is the story of a gifted music student and math genius who discovers top secret information hidden in the binary code of songs. When the code tells of a covert government agency plotting world war, the music student suddenly finds himself framed for his girlfriend’s murder and must go underground to find her killer and stop the agency from starting the war.


REALITY INTERACTIVE GAMING: We were asked to develop a game platform that would allow fans and gamers to play in the real world, not just in the game app. Smart phone technology allows users to form and join groups to converge at specific locations. The technology puts the control in the hands of consumers? Advertisers, music artists, or any social cause can use the technology to reach audiences around the globe. The technology is now being developed for a new project called Morphius Project.



✓ Feature Film Trilogy

✓ R.I.G. Technology 

✓ Television

✓ Web Series

✓ Social Media

✓ Gaming (online, mobile, social, alternative reality)

✓ Merchandising (toys, clothes, gear)

✓ Live Interactive Action

✓ Interactive Social Media Packaging

✓ E-comics (interactive)

✓ Product Placement

✓ Music Label / Artist Tie-in

✓ Product Licensing

✓ Live Events

✓ Contests

RIG Tech
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