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Solutions that align with your budget and your brand


Some projects have no solutions. For those, we try to be honest and up front. We look at your brand identity and packaging, evaluate your current market, industry, USP, content and overall brand integration. In most cases, we come back with recommendations to establish or build the brand and increase profitability.



How is your brand perceived


Before brand integration, a brand needs a specific identity. Marketing Pro 2.0 develops a brand's identity from the ground up and then integrates the brand into 3rd party events, broadcast, social media and many other forms of storytelling. Our branding team will design your logo, tagline, color palette, font style. This sets the tone for the brand and ensures consistency throughout.

Quality design & increased downloads


90 to 95% of all mobile applications fail. Why? The reasons vary. Go to any top developer's website and you'll see very few applications with more than a thousand downloads. So the real question is, do you have the money to waste? Our team spends the time to discover your needs and we take several steps to insure its success. We've hand selected top developers from across the globe to ensure quality design and competitive pricing. We also have a specific marketing launch program that includes focus groups, teaser campaigns, beta testing, influencer programs and more.

Designed around your brand


With a team of 35 highly qualified web and app developers, Marketing Pro 2.0 leaves little to chance. Our design team are fluent in Cake, PHP, Joomla, Woocommerce, Wordpress, Magento and most other design platforms. We offer CMS and E-commerce integration, pay per click, search engine optimization, mobile responsive design and much more. Our mobile app department designs in native iOS and Android. We also provide a custom graphics team and lead developer for all projects.

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Telling stories in a whole new way


With a background in broadcast television and online content production, we direct and produce most forms of digital story telling. We offer scripting, animation and content integration. Our state of the art user interfaces turn passive viewers into buyers while they watch. Click here to check out one of our past projects. Viewers could speak directly to the cast while they watched. The UI also includes clickable content so viewers can buy while they watched.

We ensure organic growth for your brand

We take the pulse of your company by analyzing your business holistically. It’s about exploring options that allow value to persist and persevere. We create a solid strategy for healthy business growth, investment and franchise opportunities. A full suite of services from composing a business summary to developing your business plan can help lay the foundation.​

Web hosting and security you can trust


Marketing Pro 2.0 provides industry-leading hosting solutions. From simply branded e-mails to full-featured web hosting services, you'll find the right plan with Marketing Pro 2.0. Reliable & Affordable Web Hosting Services. Full featured hosting with PHP, FrontPage, ASP, MySQL, and Exceptional Customer Support. Whether you choose to share one of our servers or have access to a dedicated server, our experienced team of professionals and data center offers security, dependability and peace of mind

A brand is nothing without an audience

Marketing Pro 2.0 takes an active role in developing sustainable relationships through original and organic means. There is no shortcut to this. We first research the industry and then the audience. Who they are and how they think are important to understanding how to talk, listen, approach and even if they are the best target to reach. Then we develop a campaign inclusive of AI, human interaction, conversation, imagery, copy and more. We also develop programs that allow a brand's customer to become involved with the brand. A loyal customer can be your best sales team.

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