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Marketing Pro produces video content for clients around the world. We develop content to help tell a brand's story and to evoke emotion. But that's just the first step. Advertisers, agencies, broadcast, and even online media platforms have been struggling to interact with viewers forever. Marketing Pro specializes in creating interactive content and increasing conversion. Have a look at some tech we've employed. We also develop interactive technology (RIG or Reality Interactive Gaming) for mobile applications. 


Interactive Video

We engage the audience on every level. Our creative team launched a 6-month social media campaign pushed by 20 contestants to gain their viewers votes. We didn't stop there. When the video series went live, we offered product placement for sponsors within the show and created this API allowing fans to interact live with cast members. They could also buy products.

Interactive Video

  Product Placement

2   Message Scroller

  Live Purchase

4   Live Chat




Buy Window



What do you do when a top forensics startup asks you to come up with something totally creative and unexpected for the fraud detection and prevention industry. You do just that. The industry is full of heavy hitting corporate accounting firms and their target is multi million dollar corporations who are being investigated for fraud. The big 5 dominate the entire market leaving little for the startups but...


Marketing Pro had a hunch there was an untapped market to be reached. After researching the market and confirming our hunch, we pitched a totally unique approach. Instead of trying to compete with the big guys, why not focus on small businesses and consumers. We could target a younger audience who either wanted help with their business or even for forensics investigator training. There were several other programs including  a specialized whistle blower app that would help consumers track business.

This animated video is one of a series being developed to attract a younger audience.


clickable Video

Consumers want to be wowed and to be part of the brand experience.  Advertisers need to take an active role in building relationships. That’s where we come in. Welcome to the world of fully interactive consumer immersion and brand integration. Advertisers will be able to take advantage of special brand integration packages that include branding, product placement, links, product offers, promotions and brand integration.

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