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Iron Road    Continental bike Tour

“Sure, it’s an adventure and it’s not for everyone. You have to survive some intense conditions. You’re continually being tested physically and mentally. This is serious business” Paulo Martino - creator

Imagine a ride so grueling it would test not only a man’s resolve or mental strength but even the machine he is riding! Truly test it! How far would you go? How many miles could you ride? How many days through blistering heat, rough terrain, freezing cold conditions? Imagine riding cross-continent throughout the world to over 30 countries, day after day, crossing borders from one country to the next for over 90 days straight. That’s what “The Iron Road Cross-Continental Bike Tour” is all about. This ride has been completed once and will now be attempted again. Only this time, we are inviting top international brands along for the journey

Paulo Martino, a tried and true diehard rider is prepared to weather the storm. He and a couple of his closest mates will take on the open road and Mother Nature without a care. Some nights they will find themselves having dinner over an open flame, camping under the stars or sleeping in an abandon shack. Other nights they will find a roadside motel to replenish and get a chance to shower. They will travel throughout Australia, Asia and Europe eating local foods, visiting temples, restaurants, bars and experiencing diverse culture. Your brand is invited to ride along side them on this EPIC adventure.

The Iron Road Bike Tour will start in Perth, Western Australia from the team’s Perth chapter. The tour will end 3 months later when they meet up with their Norwegian mother chapter in Oslo, Norway.


The tour will take 3 months to complete and will be documented for the world to see, share and be a part of. Viewers can follow along through our website, social media channels and YouTube. The team will share their stories along the way with daily posts to social media platforms. Our production team will film daily/weekly/monthly story vignettes all leading to a professionally produced Iron Road Bike episode

Legend outlining some of the countries Iron Road Cross-Continental will visit


Advertisers will be able to take advantage of special brand integration packages that include branding, product placement, links, product offers, promotions and brand integration.



Consumers want to be wowed and to be part of the brand experience.  Advertisers need to take an active role in building relationships. That’s where we come in. Welcome to the world of fully interactive consumer immersion and brand integration.

This campaign has an extended shelf life. The advertising package kicks off 30 days prior to the ride with a robust social media teaser campaign. The ride will be filmed from the rider's perspective giving a backstory throughout the journey.


Brand / logo on video content

Social media posts

Logo & links on website

Links on social media

Product placement


Weekly footage from trip

1 million + views

Instagram account and Facebook will track story


1. “Rider” seat in Cross Continental Iron Road

2. Brand scripted into content

3. Links and hashtags on social media posts

4. Product placement on riders

5. Possible placement areas:

 - Helmet

 - Bike

 - Apparel

 - Glasses

 - Gloves

 - Boots

*All brand sponsored riders must be approved by Iron Road Team

** Brand sponsored “Rider’s” seat can be used for additional branding of the brand

*** Brand sponsored “Riders” must provide own gear, financing and bike

**** 5% profits will be donated to charity by presenting sponsor’s choice


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