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When Monks Tweet...

"Consumers are the enlightened ones. Brands are the followers."

When Monks Tweet

For better or worse, the way we communicate has become multi-platformed, misinformed, cold, fickle and much more intuitive. Whether you're a creative director, starting a new brand or you're into sharing cool pics, you're part of a new movement. It's kind of a global tribe that now connects the world. Consumers have taken control of the media they watch and the brands they follow. In fact, brands today need to change the way they talk to their audience. If your brand is still talking at or promoting to, maybe it's time to consider a new strategy. It's a symbiotic relationship or it's nothing.

"Do as you've always done and your brand will soon find its place as a relic on the shelves of the late."

Sticking with traditional methods of posting sales or boring pics of your products actually causes damage to your brands #reputation. This just turns #consumers off. If you're not tying your brand into their lives you're missing the mark. Think about this, the hashtag #mystyle is starting to trend for obvious reasons. "Consumers have become better brand managers than the brands they follow." Why do you think top brands are now following their audience? Because they represent the influence they need.

Whether you're for or against the Don, one thing's clear, he understands the power of a tweet. In fact, many would argue his tweets may have been the cornerstone to his presidency. What makes his tweets so successful? He recognizes the importance of connecting to his audience on a personal level. He knows his audience and he speaks with them as if they were sitting next to him. More brands need to incorporate this kind of thinking.

Donald Trump tweet himself

Donald Trump Tweet Obama

No matter your intention, whether it be to increase followers or sales, the most important thing is to treat everyone as your good friend. Be like Buddha and love everyone. Tweet, Insta and Facebook like a pro 2.0. Keep it real, fun and informative. And give, give, give something of value.

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