Your Brand Deserves A Story

30 years ago, we told stories through 30 second TV spots, outdoor billboards, print ads and direct mail. At the time (actually, 1985) I was working with Motorola on a push notification campaign. They thought I was nuts. Consumers today are brand managers, have their own fans and they can create better content than you." It's no longer about likes or fans, hell you can buy those by the millions. Brands need to develop stories around consumers and invite them as co authors. A brand's campaign should focus on the entire customer experience, weaving fans into fun, shareable content. The key is in treating customers like friends & in creating content so 'cool" they actually want to share it! A br

Top 10 Daily Rituals For Getting Creative

Marketing Pro 2.0 Blog Entry 2 "Getting my day started..." Most mornings start with a five am rooster's quartet. Our villa sits just next to a rice paddie so it's inevitable. Once I've cleared the crust from my eyes and the gecko poop from our [outdoor] bathroom sink, I get my butt to the gym. The locals are usually up working the rice paddies. Some mornings I bring them a coconut. It's quite a spectacular view to wake up to. And I do think my morning ritual does help me be more creative. Being in the States, the traffic, sounds, pollution and the speed at which business ran always seemed to keep me so wound up. Today, the pace around me is much more conducive to quality rather than quantity

Facebook Livestream! Be A Pro in 3, 2, 1...

Lights, Camera, Action 5 gigs ֍֍֍֍֍ rating! Facebook just went PRO 2.0 status! Just the way I like it. You now have access to all the bells and whistles. I've been playing with some of the live switching and editing tools that can make anyone a "Pro 2.0 Producer" in no time. this is seriously much more than a selfie stick. Whether you're sharing your first product launch or your going full HD broadcast, they've got you covered. Sure it’s the latest gimmick to get us to record, share and watch more videos. Hell, I'm even planning to start filming for my Pro 2..0 blog journal. Actually an ambitious estimate by networking-equipment maker, Cisco predicts that by 2020, 75% of the world's mobile t

Marketing From My Scooter & Flip Flops

I'm sure you really don't give a rat's ass (Never understand that one. Who gives rat's asses anyway?) what some marketing guy is doing on an island in the middle of nowhere? No one I suppose but it serves a purpose for me. I get to keep a journal and possibly it will give insight to what I actually do all day. People still don't really get it. I left the States over 4 years ago to pursue new opportunities. Most recently I've been in Asia. I can say this, It's never boring. Around here, something simple like meeting a client or getting gas can turn into a life changing event. I guess that's part of it. You're always active physically and mentally. Just last week I was scheduled to meet a clie

With Data Management There's No Excuse, Your Ads Either Work Or Not

5 gigs ֍֍֍֍֍ rating! “Your marketing team is now accountable for measurable results. Everything today can be accurately tracked more effectively and efficiently. With Data Management Platforms (DMP), programmatic tracking, There's no excuse, either your ad campaign is working or it's not. It’s easy to accomplish marketing tasks like sending an email, running an ad, or posting something to a social media channel, but is that action accountable to the business? Does it ultimately drive revenue? A data management platform (DMP) and data-driven marketing are here to enable accountability. The more you know about your customers and prospects, the more precisely you can target and market. Sounds s


"The next wave of app technology will seamlessly incorporate Internet of Things with our lives, not just to make things easier but to make us better." Google is going after the jugular when it comes to outdoing Facebook. While Facebook may corner the social media market at the moment, Google is stepping up their game this year. They just announced their new "Google Goals." The media and tech giant is becoming intuitive, finding ways to personalize the human experience. For me it's exciting to see the industry utilizing technology and tying it to our everyday lives. Internet of Things will bring many opportunities both personally and for the economy. "The next wave of app technology will seam


4 gigs ֍֍֍֍ rating! This is just solid marketing advice you can take with you. Come back any time, it's free! Here's tips from me & Entrepreneur's, Brian Sutter. As marketing pros, we never like to see money lost to wasted marketing. Many business owners inadvertently waste much of their budget on misused or ineffective tactics and tools. To help you cut waste and boost success in 2016, here's a list of the eight most common businesses mistakes & what you can do turn those losses into gains. Here's a quick explainer video for you. 10 LAWS OF SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING 8 WAYS TO SAVE YOUR BUSINESS & YOUR AD BUDGET 1) Using social media to build a following Social media is great, but too many smal


Image from Fortune 5 gigs ֍֍֍֍֍ rating! Imagine everything you've ever shared with doctors, banks, courts, a spouse... Anything that has been saved digitally will be collected, filtered and shared. Who would benefit? You? 15 - 20 years ago, we were collecting data in the form of emails, contacts and other info on our first digital phones. Now we all compete to share data freely to brand our company and gain the trust of others. Data has been distributed and collected for years. Every corporation, private sector or otherwise has access to trillions of streams of data. Everything from public files, gps location, calendar dates, buying habits, passwords, health and more. It's all available for

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