Tapping The Millennials in 10...

Everyone has their own list of how to increase followers, likes or fans and there are probably thousands of great ways. Ultimately, you want organic relationships that will grow your client base. There are no shortcuts and if it sounds too good it probably is. Here's a simple list of 10 things to do to increase your likes, fans and comments on Instagram. 1. Use hashtags that are known to help increase followers and relevant to your industry. (some generic ones #FF, #fastfollowers, #instafollow, #l4l (Like for like) and #followback. 2. Continually like new pics from people in your target audience feed. 3. Post a pic (or a campaign of images over a period of time) and promote a simple contest

Evan "Hidden Secrets"

Be sure to watch Evan part I before you watch part II. There is much more to this than you may think. Producing award winning marketing campaigns is more than pointing a camera or writing good copy. This may look like a typical love story gone bad but the hidden message is key. See if you can spot what is going on. After watching Evan part I you may be thinking this is a high school love story about teenagers falling in love or maybe missed opportunities. Well you couldn't be more wrong. Evan Part I Now imagine what would be worse than not ever meeting the love of your life? Is that what this is about? Either way, it draws you in enough to keep watching. Now for the impactful message. It mak

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