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7 simple tips for brand success Let's face it, there's a lot of competition out there! You've gotta grab their attention or risk losing them forever. They don't wanna talk about you or your friends. If you're not connecting, they're gone!

Feeling Trumped?

Here we go... 1. Write a strong headline and good copy is key to grabbing people’s attention. 2. Optimize your content for each media platform. 3. Keep your content relevant, fresh and add a splash of humor. 4. Understand the media so your message reaches that specific audience and never over post. 5. Have a specific campaign laid out as a calendar using the best AIDA process. Your campaign should not feel like a bunch of ads but should express a call to action. 6. 2/3's of your content should be what your audience finds interesting not about your brand or a specific sale. 7. Design incentive campaigns that offer rewards for sharing or even creating content about your brand. Setup a complimentary evaluation of your brand, marketing and social media... ASK A PRO

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