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Your Brand Deserves A Story

30 years ago, we told stories through 30 second TV spots, outdoor billboards, print ads and direct mail. At the time (actually, 1985) I was working with Motorola on a push notification campaign. They thought I was nuts.

Brand Storytelling

Consumers today are brand managers, have their own fans and they can create better content than you." It's no longer about likes or fans, hell you can buy those by the millions. Brands need to develop stories around consumers and invite them as co authors.

A brand's campaign should focus on the entire customer experience, weaving fans into fun, shareable content. The key is in treating customers like friends & in creating content so 'cool" they actually want to share it!

A brand should tell an epic story...

Today's top brands are telling stories that tap into the voice of their audience. They tell stories more about life than their product. The difficulty is most brands do not have the budget to hire the likes of directors like Martin Scorsese. It also takes getting intimate with your brand's core audience.

The story should be cohesive throughout. All of your marketing should have the same tone of voice, the same credible message. Brands today miss the opportunity to get to know their audience and to develop a credible story. This can be a costly mistake.

Evolution of Marketing... Big Data is advancing technology by the second! Corporations can now collect, filter and disseminate large amounts of public data on anyone or anything. With this data, marketing is also evolving. Consumers can expect transparency from brands or they will go elsewhere. This same technology will eventually allow consumers to do the same with brands, reversing the data research on brands. Expect app developers to come up with new ways to research what brands are doing and how they either help or hurt our economy.


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