Top 10 Daily Rituals For Getting Creative

Marketing Pro 2.0 Blog Entry 2 "Getting my day started..."

Most mornings start with a five am rooster's quartet. Our villa sits just next to a rice paddie so it's inevitable. Once I've cleared the crust from my eyes and the gecko poop from our [outdoor] bathroom sink, I get my butt to the gym. The locals are usually up working the rice paddies. Some mornings I bring them a coconut.

Rice Paddies in Bali

It's quite a spectacular view to wake up to. And I do think my morning ritual does help me be more creative. Being in the States, the traffic, sounds, pollution and the speed at which business ran always seemed to keep me so wound up. Today, the pace around me is much more conducive to quality rather than quantity. And it may not seem so but consumers today feel the same. They naturally gravitate towards that calming, focused energy. A campaign can literally suck someone in because it feels grounded and healthy.