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Central Intelligence Agency funds private sector

Image from Fortune

5 gigs ֍֍֍֍֍ rating!

Imagine everything you've ever shared with doctors, banks, courts, a spouse... Anything that has been saved digitally will be collected, filtered and shared. Who would benefit? You?

15 - 20 years ago, we were collecting data in the form of emails, contacts and other info on our first digital phones. Now we all compete to share data freely to brand our company and gain the trust of others.

Data has been distributed and collected for years. Every corporation, private sector or otherwise has access to trillions of streams of data. Everything from public files, gps location, calendar dates, buying habits, passwords, health and more. It's all available for the asking on the World Wide Web.

What is possible today is something out of a science fiction movie. Years ago, I read a book titled "The Utopia Experiment." It's set in the future and without the spoiler, it has some very real implications of the near future.

Today, companies and consultants like myself are hard at work developing SaaS application that will literally scour the net collecting all available data and soon we will filter and disseminate that data to "help" make our lives more manageable. But what one company does to improve a life another may use to control.

The future is big. Maybe bigger than we can control. Big data collection and robots, together, hand in hand. It will be the beginning of a new era. Imagine, I Robot, Matrix and Minority Report all in one...

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