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1st thing we do is listen and learn about your brand. It's important to understand the current marketing, who you're targeting and what your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) is.

We look at everything from your advertising campaign, budget, social media, brand identity, website, packaging, ROI, (Return On Investment), conversion rate, P&L, and even your customer service program.

Understanding the market, your customer, competition and what your company's P&L is can be key to the brand's success.

We research current trends in your industry, outline what is and isn't working, evaluate  production costs, demographics  and more. 

We will present a customized marketing campaign based on your budget, the market, prefered audience and overall business goals for the brand.

We are thorough whenever we launch a new project.


We offer ~

1. App Launch Marketing

2. Video Production

3. Animation

4. Copy Writing

5. App and Web Design

6. Graphic Design

7. Social Media Campaigns

 - daily posts

 - increased traffic

 - conversion links

8. Promotional Campaigns

9. EDM Programs

10. SEO and Hashtagging

11. Influencer Program