The Superhero Gift Card was developed for advertisers to promote and test new services or products. Through exclusive online promotions and marketing we target an active adult who is already spending money. Your offer is given directly to card holders without incurring major marketing fees. Complimentary offers and special gifts legitimatize the use of this card over other offers. You now have a new customer standing in front of you instead of hoping your ad campaign will bring them in. The rest is up to you. This is an exclusive offer and is not available to everyone.

​(Advertiser) How can I include my offer on the Superhero Gift Card?  We print, promote and distribute the card. All you do is come up with a super cool offer. Take the guess work out of advertising. Easily test new products, increase traffic, sales and profits. No more hoping for a 3% return on your advertising. Find out more below or click here to email us.

​(Consumer) How do I get my own Superhero Gift Card? This exclusive card comes loaded with gifts and no hidden fees. We know it sounds crazy...  Coming soon - Special rewards and hidden SMS treasures. Sign up below and tell us why you need the card. You can also email us by clicking here. Like us on Facebook  to for added specials. Include your mobile number in your email for additional free offers.


​Here's how it works

​The Superhero Gift Card card is a creative marketing campaign that takes most of the guess work out. Instead of wasting your advertising dollars hoping for new customers, we deliver new customers to your doorstep. The card is a high quality full color plastic finish that looks just like a credit card.


✓ Targeted marketing and promotional campaigns

✓ Design, print and pay for the cards

✓ Help distribute the cards

✓ Special SMS offers exclusive to your business


✓ Offer complimentary gifts

✓ Offer gift with purchase


✓ Increase foot traffic

✓ Increased sales

✓ Brand awareness

✓ New customers

✓ Test new products

$800 per year

$100 per month



            Take a 3 month "Test Drive"
                           $200 OFF
             ONLY $100 FOR 3 MONTHS


​Here's what you get...

​The Superhero Gift Card cannot be purchased and is not available to everybody. This is an exclusive gift card that will only be available through special online promotions from Superhero Cape Designer. You can contact our advertising partners to see if a gift card can be made available to you directly.

The card has no expiration date and can be used at all retailers that are listed on our Superhero Gift Card page. 


✓ Is absolutely free

✓ Comes loaded with free stuff for you to try

✓ Can be used in accordance with all published offers

✓ Can be used as many times as stated in offer

✓ Cannot be combined with any other offer

✓ Will include special SMS & email gifts 

✓ Hidden specials for likes, posts, shares, follows

The Superhero Gift Card is the sole property of Superhero Cape Designer and can be revoked or cancelled at any time by Superhero Cape Designer. The card is nontransferable. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates and exclusive offers. Each retailer (advertising partner) has the right to refuse service (offer) to any cardholder based on their current customer guidelines.

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