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​The Superhero Gift Card cannot be purchased and is not available to everybody. This is an exclusive gift card that will only be available through special online promotions from Superhero Cape Designer. You can contact our advertising partners to see if a gift card can be made available to you directly.

The card has no expiration date and can be used at all retailers that are listed on our Superhero Gift Card page. 


✓ Is absolutely free

✓ Comes loaded with free stuff for you to try

✓ Can be used in accordance with all published offers

✓ Can be used as many times as stated in offer

✓ Cannot be combined with any other offer

✓ Will include special SMS & email gifts 

✓ Hidden specials for likes, posts, shares, follows

The Superhero Gift Card is the sole property of Superhero Cape Designer and can be revoked or cancelled at any time by Superhero Cape Designer. The card is nontransferable. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates and exclusive offers. Each retailer (advertising partner) has the right to refuse service (offer) to any cardholder based on their current customer guidelines.