"Consumers are the enlightened ones. Brands are the followers."

For better or worse, the way we communicate has become multi-platformed, misinformed, cold, fickle and much more intuitive. Whether you're a creative director, starting a new brand or you're into shari...

Everyone has their own list of how to increase followers, likes or fans and there are probably thousands of great ways. Ultimately, you want organic relationships that will grow your client base. There are no shortcuts and if it sounds too good it probably is....

Be sure to watch Evan part I before you watch part II. There is much more to this than you may think. Producing award winning marketing campaigns is more than pointing a camera or writing good copy. This may look like a typical love story gone bad but the hidden messag...

Don't get trumped in your advertising. Learn to socialize like the top brands...

Learn how and why youth are using Instagram to hide what they do. Build relationships with influencers who can increase your brand's reach.

Marketers have been telling stories for years through advertising as brand experiences and so on, but the art of writing those brand stories as effective pieces of online content is a challenge that few are trained to do. That’s because the best brand storytellers unde...

June 5, 2016

This video has touched hundreds of thousands of people across the world. It draws out our emotions because the content touches us on very personal levels. It's about our DNA, who we are, who we think we are and who we are not.


67 adults were invited to take p...

May 5, 2016

Marketing isn't kicking ass?


Give your marketing team some time off. Get the 2.0 upgrade.


Marketing Pro 2.0 


"Your customers are better brand managers and story tellers than most brands. Let's give them a story..." 👇



April 29, 2016

Marketing Pro 2.0 Blog Entry 2 "Getting my day started..."

Most mornings start with a five am rooster's quartet. Our villa sits just next to a rice paddie so it's inevitable. Once I've cleared the crust from my eyes and the gecko poop from our [outdoor] bathroom sink, I...

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