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TAGLINE: "Affliction Live Fast"


NEEDS ANALYSIS: The apparel brand needed to increase brand awareness of new stores, apparel and eventually an entire new mixed martial arts fight organization. 


MARKETING: Tasked to create speciality events to help promote the Affliction brand, we partnered with top fight organizations, print magazines and other media resources to brand this throughout Southern California.


CAMPAIGN: The campaign was positioned as a ring girl contest. The models would win a chance to be a ring girl at the Honda Center during the first ever Affliction Banned fight.


We worked with ESPN, Honda Center, even the Trump camp came on board. The contestants had to be trained in the art of "Flirt Marketing." Winners had to know the world of MMA & the brand's fight lineup. Wrapped buses took the ladies throughout LA and Las Vegas entering clubs, casinos and pools to virally spread the word. The final event was at Honda Center. The winning model was photographed live during the weigh-ins which ran as a 6 page spread in an LA magazine.


✓ Record sales across all channels 

✓ Record attendance 

✓ Branded as new fight organization

✓ Increased branding

✓ Record online traffic

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